Live Out Loud Adventures explores the world by trekking the world's most "classic" hikes.

We have a great line up for 2024 starting off with "the Land of Fire and Ice". Iceland's majesty will be revealed with the help of a local Icelandic family that has been offering adventure guiding for over 15 years. We'll do it right ... we'll live in the moment and experience real Iceland step by step.

The Via Matildica in Northern Italy is a journey through time to discover the land ruled by Countess Matilde di Canossa. Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany ... we'll walk through these fine regions enjoying the festivals, wines, and hospitality of the locals.

And finally, we return to New Zealand in the middle of the Canadian winter to feel the sunshine of the coast and feel the welcome of the Kiwis. Two spectacular and gorgeous hikes on the northern tip of the southern Island ... the Queen Charlotte Track and the Abel Tasman.

It's time to lace up ... 

People don't take trips ... trips take people
John Steinbeck

The Land of Fire and Ice - Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland)

"To walk through this raw landscape, which is still being created and shaped by fire and ice, is to get some sense of how worlds are made." Iceland... a wealth of landscapes, of intensity, of volcanic...

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Via Matildica del<br /> Volto Santo - Italy

Via Matildica del
Volto Santo (Italy)

The most beautiful way to know Italy ... Slow travel, little-known places, ancient castles, charming landscapes, and a world of discovery … welcome to the Via Matildica del Volto Santo, a pilgrimage route in...

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The Abel Tasman <br /> & Queen Charlotte Track - New Zealand

The Abel Tasman
& Queen Charlotte Track (New Zealand)

"New Zealand has thousands of kilometers of hiking trails but sitting above them all are 9 Great Walks that journey through the country's most magnificent places and iconic locations." Live Out Loud...

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Amani Centre for Street Children

Live Out Loud Adventures has been supporting the Amani Children's Home since 2008 and we’re so proud of the contributions that all of our climbers have made over the years.  We’re also proud of the powerful role this home is playing in the lives of homeless children.  Kids who find themselves at Amani have truly hit the "jack pot" - they have a chance to live life all over... to be loved, fed, housed and educated.  Let's keep this home beautiful.  Let's help these street kids.  It's our way of making a difference in a world full of inequities, sadness and fear.  Support Live Out Loud Adventure's fundraising efforts and help make a difference in the lives of homeless children in Tanzania.

Amani Children's Home rescues children who are homeless as a result of abuse, poverty, or neglect and gives them loving care, the chance to go to school, and a hopeful future.  Your donation will go a long way in providing everything from meals and medical care to an education for those who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Learn more about Amani Children's Home here.

Friends of Amani Canada is a national network of volunteers united in furthering Amani's mission.  Live Out Loud Adventures is part of this group that works together to raise support and awareness for the Amani children.  Canadians donating to Friends of Amani Canada - a registered Canadian charity - will receive a tax receipt.

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