Upcoming Trips

Live Out Loud Adventures is thrilled to announce its 2020 trips. Each trip has an element of challenge and is rich in landscape; all are sprinkled with surprises and touches of luxury. Our adventures are ultimately about YOU – living out loud while enjoying the camaraderie of others and the beauty of life.

About Us

Live Out Loud Adventures (LOLA) specializes in classic hikes around the world. Whether you climb Kilimanjaro or hike the West Coast Trail, LOLA offers you the chance to reconnect with the natural environment, with yourself and with others, and, in so doing, to discover that there is more in you than you realize....

Why Travel with LOLA?

We went on a 12 day hike in the Alps in July of 2017. This was my wife’s third trip with LOLA but my first with the company. I would definitely go again…well organised, friendly guides, and tons of fun.

Brian, 2017

Thanks to Alison and the gang at LOLA, I will also remember the pure joy of running into my Mum’s arms at the summit of Kilimanjaro, both of us sobbing and laughing in utter disbelief that we achieved our goal.

Megan, 2013

Live Out Loud Adventures lovingly came into my life in 2008. Every trip was orchestrated beautifully with great attention to detail. Their amazing adventures challenged me in the best way possible and left me feeling empowered!

Teri, 2018

Time spent on Kilimanjaro will remain with me forever not only because I accomplished it with my daughter but it was a kick start to a more balanced life… For that I will always be grateful.

Anonymous, 2016

LOLA is a company that provides a superbly organized adventurous travel experience with a heart… Health and safety is a top priority, but so was fun, laughter, pushing physical limits and sharing our goals for the experience.

Carolyn, 2016