Live Out Loud Adventures’ mission is to facilitate empowering out-of-door experiences that connect people with something greater than the experience itself. Whether you climb Kilimanjaro or hike the West Coast Trail, Live Out Loud Adventures offers you the chance to reconnect with the natural environment, with yourself and with others, and, in so doing, to discover that there is more in you than you realize.

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What We Do

Live Out Loud Adventures (LOLA) is an adventure based company specializing in classic hikes around the world. We offer trips that are exhilarating outdoor experiences; trips that inspire adults and youth to live life with intention:  to get out there and do what they’ve always dreamed of doing. We enable you to discover more of yourself.

The Live Out Loud Adventures Difference


Individual Support

We offer unparalleled support. From the moment you sign up, we’re with you. We offer individualized fitness programs & gear lists, and ensure that all safety, health and travel issues are attended to. We want you to be as successful as possible and we make great strides to ensure you are properly prepared.

Experienced and Knowledgable Guides

We offer experienced and enthusiastic guides who want none other than to give you a fun, safe, and meaningful trip. All our guides are certified with Wilderness Medical Associates and have extensive back country experience. Learn more about who we are here.

Authentic Experiences & Responsible Travel

We offer authentic experiences and strive to showcase the culture, the ecosystems, and the countryside from a real and honest perspective.

We offer responsible travel. On all Live Out Loud Adventures trips we practice “Leave No Trace” principles. We are committed to ecologically sensitive, low-impact adventures in each of the destinations we visit. Through cultural awareness and connections with local outfitters (who provide us with in-country logistical support) we have established goodwill and long-term relationships. Our partners care about your experience, and are eager to share their cultures with you and draw you into their world.